Middle of Somewhere

by Jonah Myers

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bits and pieces of stuff, mostly instrumental, that was never finished/isn't part of a coherent project (although some may be incorporated later).
basically, my spare minutes and soundcloud profile in 2016.


released December 30, 2016

everything by jonah myers except vocals on track 3 (Nick East) and track 2 (Nick Chenery)



all rights reserved


Jonah Myers Australia

album!!!! coming!!!!

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Track Name: *2016*
oh hey
it's me
I was wondering if you would like
to stop that, please

I've had
of your wack, surrealist headlines
and your older stuff

If you
could just die
I would find a few more reasons
to enjoy this life

If you
never were
then some places would be better,
like, the whole entire earth.

I won't
all the futures that you wasted,
all the awful crap

just go
get out
you left an awful taste
in everybody's mouth

you weren't
any fun
you couldn't even leave without
our space mum

you've gone
too far
so this better be the end of it
and not the start
Track Name: The Fall
one step at a time, son
you're going to make it through
eyes ahead, on the road son
look for danger, but I didn't see you

oh to be young, oh so young
and so in love
something about you, baby
made me feel like I was in love

the games that we played
on the rope that was frayed
it was strong enough
to carry one of us over to the other side

oh to be young
don't blame yourself
but go ahead, cause now I know
that you've found somebody else

I'll take the fall, I'll take the fall
I gave it all, just to get us through
but finally I'm sure that I couldn't give more
I'll take the fall just so that you
can fly

when worst comes to worst, whatever situation
had me at the end of the list,
on the bottom of the ocean
I was waiting on somebody to come help me out

the puzzles we made
and the rope that was frayed
it was strong enough
that only one of us could make it to the other side

oh to be young
as long as you don't blame yourself
just go ahead, go across the ocean, cause I heard
that you've found somebody else
Track Name: Nick East Remix
I purified
dyes from this silk
I eluted dyes purified
from this silk

honeybee silk
benefit science and the world
honeybee silk
but I'm not entirely sure
science and the world

I do aspire to be a substantial honeybee

vaccines and anibiotics,
vaccines, vaccines
Track Name: Does This Need Lyrics? No, It Needs a Keys Solo
(no, it needs a keys solo)
Track Name: Grey
ahah not yet