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hey, tell me your secrets oh, and i'll keep them safe you know, that nobody knows us but i'm just a phone call away no-one in the world could tell me everything's lost anyway can't let the nightmares destroy us if we're gonna find what we've made and they say it's a rainy day but weather's subjective so won't you stay with me today i don't really know any Poetry i don't know what words to say i like to dream and you're lovely smiled at me twice yesterday
i'm jonah myers and i'm an L-plater i like to drive cars with my parents i'm jonah myers and one time i did a driving course it was kinda boring but i fell in love sometimes everything will toss and churn your brain sometimes everyone just seems to be the same i might drive you crazy, up and down the street but don't forget to wait for me no one wants to think about how our fossil fuels are running out i write songs cause it's more fun thank spending time on helping anyone i wish that i could do something but if i really did i'd be doing something by now, wouldn't i? fill up with petrol and stay so forgetful don't work together with anyone
when you feel Iike there's no one who understands you try to find out why but then the mist descends you don't know where you are and maybe now you think you never will everything is turning grey and rolling softly down the hill oh, but we've seen this before (nothing's gonna come your way) and you know there's something more (that'll leave you there with nothing to say) so tell me, what's the plan for today d'you wanna build a world or two or maybe we could just sleep in and try to find some nothing to do night time finds you when you're trying to sleep again twists your mind and shoves it in a heap again nervousness is dancing round, here and there and back again deep breaths, friend, it's time to fade to black again everything is funny, nothing could be something if i was doing nothing with you we could do a JJ [Jack Johnson] make banana pancakes run away to Timbuktu
the curtain doesn't close until the day is over the old days won't give up without a fight it's the middle of july and moonlight isn't real there's still a lot of time to feel everything is beans if you look behind the scenes coffee, lima, soy in a particularly large saucepan it's such a bouncy day and someone spiked my drink with the Future nothing is the same as yesterday still, it's something that no one really knows it just goes to show that when you go to shows the curtain doesn't close until the day is over the old days won't give up without a fight it's the middle of september robots taking over there's still a bit of time before we have to go
everybody knows the sun is getting low here come endings and here comes heartache something's telling me i might not see you again it's bittersweet but all things come to an end thank you for the stars the clues to who we are the drowsy 3am and pancake noon, my friends you've got so much love it's wonderful, wonderful i'll see you down the line where the ocean meets the sky
i don't wanna be here tonight i don't wanna get drunk or high no one ever plays pass the parcel anymore i'd tell you that it's nothing personal but you won't remember anyway and i'm no better than them at facing the pain clowns and jokers on both sides we're just here to waste the night all of my friends are louder than life is this just what we do now maybe we'll never be the same again maybe we'll never be the maybe we'll never be the Sane again maybe we'll never be the i'll drown my sorrows in ginger beer i'm gonna eat every single chip in the world it's like one of those stupid movies take me out of this Dopamine Wasteland no one even remembers i'm here i'm sorry but i just don't like parties when they're cool solo cups of broken glass how's it only quarter past? etc.
hey there my old friend can you tell me where we are? it just seems so familiar, like this is where we start it's something in the way she says his name something in the way he turns to stay something about How it's here today there's something in the water, and it looks like rain it's not what you say it's what you do it's not what you know, it's what is true it's not where you're from, it's where you go in my defence, i'm just a ghost does anybody know a place to go? it's kinda lonely here in Mexico maybe i'll call November 1st or sit here waiting for the phone to work
nothing song 01:35
this is a nothing song this is a nothing song this is a nothing song today the ukulele might be a bit out of tune; sorry about that there's just no time this morning to write anything good scrambled eggs on pancakes doorknockers on wood soon i'll have the time to record stuff properly again but right now i'm just trying not to drown i wake up in the morning at 2:30 am it's afternoon tea time yeah, my afternoon tea – it's twelve hours long this tune is just a joke and i'm not sure if it's funny i hope it won't happen again cause realistically i should only do one of these for the month uh; how does the chorus go? i have to repeat the chorus so that it's a minute and a half that's the wrong chord this is a nothing song yesterday tomorrow next week in a month or so
the sun shone this thursday and everyone was there we all got together and cake was everywhere it’s been such a long time and such a stressful road we don’t know where we’re going but it’ll be High in Sugar oh we’re having cake today on thursdays we eat cake oh you gotta bake today to make it all okay a we ate chocolate, raspberry, apple pear mud and banana and we don’t really care that half of the people i’m about to list don’t hang out with us unless we have cake gee-uhn? giaan. kiaaaarn? kian. matt, kat and jonah sarah, lena, jett caleb, imi, jacob nick, jack, bec there was sammy, brodie, jarl aaron x 2 lachlan, T, tristan the whole damn crew! it was imi, asta, liv ruby, abby, clare jim, sam, tom, there was lots to spare
i would like to take a nap i would like to go to bed i would like to go to sleep i'm so tired i'm just so tired and then the keyboard sings 'everything's pretty okay though'
why don't we have a look around and get our feelings off the ground it's such a lovely day to be d'you wanna maybe me with me i know we've never really talked but i just wanna take a walk discover all there is to see and find each other through the trees it's like a song you already know a song you've heard before but it's different, this time and goodness knows what for if you don't wanna wander round and get your feelings off the ground you know, that'll be okay we'll find another way to stay i wonder where the weather is without a way to wait on it why don't we take a walk around you get my feelings off the ground you're never too far from the thoughts in my mind i'd travel the world just to give you the time well time is what i'd give you if i had all the time in the world i'm in paris to collect it they said they sent it centuries ago
sweet anaesthetic you won’t regret it i know we’ve said it one thousand times why care about the things you do you’re perfect and there is no truth you’re ready to binge we’ve got the syringe so just shut up and we’ll say goodnight jonathan tagged you in a facebook post and there’s five new notifications on your twitter feed cut down a bit of belly fat every day with this one weird tip and it’ll blow your mind you gotta know what the celebritites are talking about so that you can talk about it too and maybe turn into a vegetable capitalism is running on vitamin c and every day we’re getting closer to dying i’ve never seen the love with my eyes i’ve never seen the love with my eyes i’ve gotta get out of this place i’ve never seen the love with my eyes sweet anaesthetic don’t you forget it know life is better when you’re asleep don’t worry as you doze on off we’ll wake you for the next red dot lots ɪ'ᴅ ʀᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ғʟɪɴɢ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴜɴ!! ɪ'ᴅ ʀᴀᴛʜᴇʀ ғʟɪɴɢ ᴍʏsᴇʟғ ɪɴᴛᴏ ᴛʜᴇ sᴏɴ
the Campfire 03:13
whoa whoa etc. it's like i've seen you here before a place where everybody's real why don't you say what's on your mind there's got to be a way tonight we've been the tallest people in the world i've gone so crazy over a girl sights and sounds are all around but everybody's staring at the ground i never missed you till you left i don't know about the rest why don't you say what's on your mind there's got to be a way to get it right maybe the earth won't be here in a month not for you and not for me we can be who/where we are
da da da etc. i don't know what's on your mind i don't know who you are i don't know much of anything i don't know how to drive a car about 100,000 years ago we had a million days to spare but the bourgeoise standing next to me had something to say about that there's only a few more days before the sun crashes into the earth i don't know where i'll be sjdnbclkASHBFLKASJNlkaJDBNFLAKJSFDN i got a call from work the other day, about a late night Moon Salon but i apologise, cause i never tried to string your moods along
13 years 01:37
i got home after thirteen years planted a tree in the backyard long misty nights turned crystal clear it’s time for us to disappear tell me what’s the plan for the world today what’s been going on with these rainy days something’s on my mind but it’s always out of reach guess i’ll have to find another way and the people all say help me take me i wanna go home today mould me make me this is what i pray and it’s the last chance before everyone goes away oh baby don’t cry i’m sure it’ll all be okay
it's been about an hour or so now since the television documentary's start it's been about the dying ecosystems, and how we're tearing everything apart i know you don't wanna deal with this right now, and neither do i i just wanna know, so i can feel superior or something it's time to go crazy it's time kick things off to make a wonder why and never gonna stop i gotta leave the building i got make some tunes it's time to meet the muppets on Early Afternoon cue out-of-tune guitar i know you don't wanna deal with this right now but maybe, you should,
our approximations unexpectedly below wisdom in anachronisms everywhere you go it's potentially the moment i anticipate and eventually i'll start to speed-perambulate estimates indicated higher rates all these precautions appear such a waste maybe provisions were never for me create the nowaday purposefully i thought maybe there'd be more just a wail stuck on the shore guess i'll dress up in my gears make the best of unknown years oh, is that it? shoes that don't fit time to wake up time to do stuff
it's a saturday and the world is grey all the people say ... we've said all the words the world has no more verbs all the boys and girl s just want someone to love trouble finds you when you're on the road i know you love me, but i'm not coming home not yet it's time to light the candles up and burn the progress bar we're nouning all the verbs today we're gonna go so far it's nothing personal but time is running out i miss you dearly but i've got to see the world out loud i miss you but i don't i wish you knew i never want to see you again it's a saturday but it's not the same we've gone far away adjectives assemble adverbs and pronouns don't get sentimental now trouble finds you when you're on the road i know you miss me but i'm not coming home not without a sunrise from the west i'll do anything for you, my love oh oh
walk the street in funny clothes and wonder if they know where everybody goes when, when they're going home is home a grassy place or is it outer space if everything's a waste just punch me in the face back out on the busy street it's an abysmal feat that we will never greet each other on the street [yeah i rhymed street with street get over it] why do we stay discreet and never get to meet we just forget to see these strangers are like us why can't we see / be where we are drive so lonely in our cars i wish i could scream aloud every every's running out i don't know what to do but sing a song it's about time we started getting things right it's about time oh yeah walk the street and wonder why
mulberries 03:49
mulberries are growing twenty, thirty years from now every season goes along in dirt the whole month round i want everything to take a shorter piece of time, but time will take your peace if everything is what you try i’m shorted out but if a sunrise willed me off of this sand trial i’d perspectivise the breeze and fly above this standing style it’s a late reply to love’s connective thistles in the air, but this’ll get me there today for windy fun times, if i’m scared that it’s a temporary fixture maybe that’s just for the best because I went to fix your craziness ten years before the rest. without a mixtape in my ears i’m dressed in existential dread; my sunday worst is blessed and quick enough to choke on daily bread i told them once that it’s not personal but they still purse their lips, my Lipton Plastic™ tastes like cordial that i don’t wanna drink, i’ve kicked my tea addiction but my instruments are full of milk and silky skills are useless if the fiction complements a brick. compliments are sticky cause we’re only at the start and less encouragement would maybe make for better works of art but that’s a lofty train of thought. let’s hit the brakes because ungrateful modest pride can kill you if and when you find it down inside. look at me! i’m saying words! hey, what a clever kid, they told me all of that for my whole life for everything i did and now it makes me so uncomfortable of anything from then, cause no one cares now, city cynics sitting primly in their dens, but when i went to Megalopolis i lost this airy drowse and driven now to productivity and force of mental rouse i have to drive a car and write a song and share it all around, but i still don’t know the point of why i’m getting off the ground I do know one thing though, and that’s that writing’s feeling right, a rite of right-left rhyming passage through a massive desert guided by a western sensibility of grandpa in the sky and an unexpected nudge every now and then.
everybody got a vehicle that they use everybody got a fear they're gonna lose on the stereo is Advertise FM™, on the radio the news is that it's ten the beep beep goes longer than last time and you wonder why the waves announce the time if everybody's got it in their pockets why are we scared eleven thirty's gonna go nowhere i moved your car into the sun because you were in such a rush i watched the frost melt off your windscreen i waved but you didn't see me if i'm a bit of a potato for speaking my mind maybe that's just a high-carb sign of the times i know that everybody wants to be someone but everybody already is so come on maybe we can find a cooler place where it's hotter and the picnic's on today if i could find another way to change the tyres maybe everybody wouldn't be so tired it's like a briefcase full of thoughts pulling up towards the sky i tried to contact air support but they just said 'don't you know why?'
i’m out of time to be real any advice would be welcome i think that there’s nobody here i winked at the clothes on the shelf but nobody’s winking at me nothing is on the T.V. yoghurt and ABCs maybe it’s not for me can we go home now can we go home got a homegrown nightmare here with a night-light on the pier will you come back if i go so loud what you know about that what you know bout i’m outer space in a boy out of my space with your toys if you won’t let me drive your car how will i get to the stars i’m in a puzzled place but now i’m beginning to realise puzzles are laced with grace at least that’s what i theorise
i can't imagine where we'd go to find something wonderful when we're alone maybe the place would be easier to see if we filibuster vigilantly and light up the halls with our longing to be creatures of hope in a world so diseased featureless nightmares are waiting to scream but we'll keep them at bay with the pearl of our dreams but something is waiting for us behind the curtain of love and loss if there's a deeper world than this then what's underneath your kiss? i've got a feeling that nothing's out loud there's such a bond between darkness and shouts i'm all alone when i'm figuring it out but i'm not all of my friends came around yesterday and it was so lovely i just had to say that I,
oh the fire swept across the grassy plain the smoke enshrouded everything we'd ever known and how the background shimmered when we looked toward the whirling blaze tall enough to make you shiver oh the deep orange of the flames and we were unaware i walked so far i saw seven stars everything came crashing down everything burned to the ground and i walked about, too long sustained like someone's ghost in charred remains i waited for the dawn to come but, of the faded yellow i have no more memory but hope in looming death could it be more than just a dream
i’m going to tell you everything that i know gonna show you everything i’ve been shown and i know the school is so overgrown but at least there’s no more fear of the known all the trees wait with me summer breeze wait and see maybe the entropy couldn’t be i always knew that you were something else
maybe we could do this without words i'll be every sound you've ever heard round the garden, closer to the earth you'll find me here at the end of the world i don't know what anything's about a speckled dot without a word to say my intentions phase back in and out shifting without thinking every day i'll be here for you when the shadows come again in the afternoon it's so hard to be undead can i pick your brains for a new way out of here it's not that i'm afraid i'm just scared that i'm not real i'm about to run away again studies show that i could make a friend research indicates that it's all right statistically, i might see you tonight i'm way too many standard deviations from what i mean the maths is clear: i don't say anything that isn't nonsense and at the moment i can't find it in real life so i'm dreaming ... just for a while and all the people waiting in the wings don't care if i fly or if i sink it's about that time at Greenwich hall we're about to risk it all
i'm in charge of Umbrella Acquisition i'm in charge of keeping everyone dry i'm in charge of Umbrella Acquisition i'm in charge tonight well i don't know how the weather works anyway and i never seem to know what to say but it's about that time in the afternoon where everything is turning from grey i got a letter from the president of japan and he told me i should figure out who i am i'm going to town tonight though and it's gonna be fine you know that it's about that time i'll see you all alone at the dance and i know that maybe it could be my last chance i gotta find a way to stop the rain from soaking into valuable pants
my hope is in the ocean my hope is in the sky until the curtain's open we'll have to wonder why why all the streets are rainy why people walk on by it's not that i'm complaining it's just the You and I we never see each other we're never all alone twelve absolutes break cover and wind up in your phone we never made plans to be this way and when i fall down you'll have to say it's just who we are it wouldn't work i can not watch you slip from my world i know this seems unlikely but it's not about the odds you probably think it's obvious don't tell me who he was if you were sailing through the bay so vast and serene i'd swim along the coastline and go where you would be don't go across the water without me to tell you where the murky depths are colder oh, if i could make you care
i got something that i'm wanting to say but i can never find an accurate way i guess that's the puzzle anyway i guess i'll see you maybe later today i got something that i'm wanting to be but it's nowhere when i'm looking at me i hope i get everything that i need all the sights that i'm desperate to see would you talk to me then? i'm feeling kinda lonely i knew that you would be here, but don't you lose hope baby on the weekend things are looking better maybe i'll be dreaming for everyone forever you might have heard that i'm about to take off you might be wondering where you can get off the nearest exit's anywhere that you want as long as you close the door when you're gone now if you love me, could you tell me your name? i have to go now but i wish i could stay so if you see me on an accurate way i think that's code for 'everything's okay' it's six o'clock in the evening and everybody's leaving but maybe we could stay here till we're all alone i'm panicking a bit cause we're spectacularly precarious but i guess that we still can spend some time before everything's gone
maybe we've made it halfway baby just wait for the day everything's going my way because you decided to stay you called me up when i told you i'm just a ringtone away all of your secrets are safe here all of your nightmares at bay and it's getting warmer now and maybe weather's not actually subjective so sing about what you're finding out sitting outside in the evening finding worlds others have built sunset and clouds watching over the words of our friends long ago hey, tell me your secrets oh, and i'll keep them safe you know that nobody knows us . . . but i'm just a phone call away


i decided to write a song every day for a month in November 2017. the result was a bunch of weird-as demos. here they are,


released December 1, 2017


all rights reserved



Jonah Myers Australia

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