Wheelies, on the Ocean

by Jonah Myers

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hi! here are some facts about this EP and the songs on it:

-the original versions of three of these songs (1, 3, and 4) were written from my head straight onto manuscript paper (ie, not using an instrument).

-the instruments in Plane Plans are exclusively MIDI, except for the messenger notification sound, which was recorded from my phone speaker into a microphone. if you're interested, the ding is a C.

-Business Flute is based on a true story. in september 2017, i really was sitting in a theatre, and nobody was standing on their head. i'd also like to fly all the way to mars.

-They're Too Quick in Amsterdam features sound effects from a Real Bike that i took into the studio and recorded (in stereo!) www.instagram.com/p/BuLKV1pn2oJ/

-i am pleased with how it has turned out, and i hope you enjoy it.


released April 6, 2019

almost everything by Jonah Myers

track 1: messenger notification sound caused by Kian MacLeod
track 2: drums recorded at Daan Steffens' Rail Road Studios


all rights reserved



Jonah Myers Australia

chair extraordinaire

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Track Name: Plane Plans
oh, i love you
you're always on my mind
if i could take some time
to find you i'd be fine to wonder

why you're never in my messenger replies,
i've been waiting oh so long for you

won't you tell me what we're gonna do today
won't you tell me where we're gonna go, whoa-oh
i'm in love again
and i'm never gonna let you go

i'm just wondering,
are you still on earth?
baby i can't stand all these
rumours that i've heard

someone said you left the planet
but i don't believe a word,
i'll be waiting up all night for you

i wonder if you'll ever ask me to dance
how come you never let me in on your plans?
i never know where you're going next
cause you never call, and you never text

won't you tell me what we're gonna do today
won't you tell me where we're gonna go, whoa-oh
i'm in love again
and i'm never gonna let you go

is your mobile unreasonably slow?
season four of our show's still all set up to go
and if you never wanna see me, maybe i would wanna know
cause i've been waiting up all night for you

i've been waiting here all night,
and i'll wait until it's light –
i'll be waiting up all night for you
Track Name: They're Too Quick in Amsterdam
well i was walking down the street one day
trying to find my name
i'd been waiting for an easier day,
but i was running out of time

the cops were uncooperative,
and the fire brigade just laughed
oh, they didn't believe me,
cause they'd never seen it whizzing past

he said 'i've never had a case like this before.'
'where'd you see it last?'
i said 'i saw it going west on Sullivan Street,
but it was travelling very past

'i've been looking for hours –
that's why i came to you'
but they told me 'it's out of our hands,
this is between your name and you'

i can't find my name, i can't find my name
everything's the same, everything's the same
when it went away, when it went away
all my ceilings rained, all my ceilings rained

i can't feel my brain, all my thoughts remain
tangled in the way that makes you wanna say
'i can't hear your face, i can't taste the day'
maybe that's the way that we'll have to stay

well i was just walking down the street today,
hoping to fall in like
but they're too quick in Amsterdam,
zipping along on those bikes

if the spokes could speak to me,
maybe they'd ease my mind
but the tyres don't try to talk so i'm
walking away and i'm tired

lost, one name
twenty letters long
i've been posting these all day
and everything's gone wrong

the sun's gone away,
and the horizon's full of lightning
there's not a single sighting,
but call this number if you find it

well i'll be walking down the street someday,
trying to make a change
and if you see me come and say hello
you know it'll make my day

and if you see my name
in an unexpected place
tell him go forever to the Netherland,
because i never wanna see him again
Track Name: We Hear What You Say on the Phone
if you wanna find the world behind your eyes
listen in, to the colour of surprise
cause you know, you never know
it's such a beautiful world that we've been shown

he said 'you've got a case of hope, and i confess,
we've never seen a case as bad as this one.'
'i have the medication you desire,
and even if you don't, it's still required.'

we hear what you say on the phone.

your sweet biscuits make me sick
miss me with that cynical shit
you can't keep me here for long
this is not my home, it's not my home

i gotta say that we're not here to do whatever the hell we want,
and that's a difficult truth
but no matter where the weather goes,
we gotta get you away from all this prose

they hear what we say on the phone
they read what you wrote in your notebook
the people turning up the foldback
who we look up in the phonebook

your sweet biscuits make me sick
miss me with that materialist shit
you can't keep me here too long
just you try to stop me writing songs
Track Name: Business Flute
i'm sitting
in the theatre
and nobody is standing on their head

in the theatre,
i will find a way
to be what i want to stay

i try to think of your lovely face
but in the depths of outer space
nobody can hear you dream
and no one wants to fall asleep

i'm quitting
my day job
cause i never get to play the flute

i fit right in
as a grey cog, oh
but now it's time to burn the business suit

(and i) (and i) and i wanna fly all the way to mars
ten million beating hearts

so they'll run the show
right out of their phones, but
we'll be alone again

i'm sitting
in the theatre
and wondering just who you are

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